Adult Dog Foundation Training Program

3 x 1:1 weekly sessions

This is our most hands on program for dog owners. This customized program includes three one hour sessions and will give you the results that you need. For your dog that could use a little more guidance than our Mind Your Manners program we offer a more customized private lesson bundle. Our private lessons are aimed at more than just manners but creating a dog that everyone wants to be around. In these three sessions we work on manners such as sit, stay, down, the “place” command - for your dog to go to a specific mat or bed until released even with distractions, and other undesirable manners as well as added benefits of nice leash walking, coming when called, waiting patiently for food, and even socialization if desired. Other manners or behaviours can also be worked on during our three sessions and are customizable to the unique requirements of you and your dog.

Topics covered include:

What to feed your dog, building a bond with your dog, effective Equipment (Lead, collar, harness, halti). How to communicate effectively with your dog, understanding your dog and how he thinks, focus training exercises/games, basic commands including sit, down, stay, leave it, place and come. Walking on a loose lead, recall work, house breaking, behaviour modification as required.

- Initial phone consultation
- Three (3) one-hour sessions at our facility or your home
- Six months of maintenance support via phone, email or text
- Email support for up to 1 year from date of 1st session
- Eligible for future boarding, discounted pack walks.

* There may be an additional travel charge based on your location.

* Additional charge of $29.00 for extra dog and handler. Maximum of 2 dogs and 2 handlers per session. Each dog must have its own handler.

Training Program Investment:

Your Location: $449.00 + GST

 Our Location $329.00 + GST