Dog on dog aggression / human aggressive dogs

Dog aggression can be an extremely complex behavioural issue and in some instances can require a long period of time, patience, commitment and expertise to rectify.

At Gold Coast Dog Trainer only the senior members of the team will engage with training dogs with aggression issues. They have a have had lots of experience with dog on dog aggression and human aggressive dogs. Our 3 month program for aggressive dogs gives you the very best training, advise and support to get you results that last. Some cases are extremely complex and deeply ingrained where it cannot be rectified completely and you may never be able to trust your dog around other dogs or people. 

A lot of ground work must be put in to teaching an aggressive dog obedience, impulse control, firm commands and rectifying the owners relationship with the dog before it even meets another dog.

We only take on a certain number of dogs with aggression issues and will only work with people motivated and committed to the long term training of their dog. Taking on a dangerous or problematic dog and only investing half of the work can be extremely dangerous and something we will not do.

We start our clients with an initial behaviour assessment with an experienced and highly knowledgable member of the team to assess the type of aggression and whether we deem the dog and owner appropriate to enter our program. A written report with our recommendations will follow and and if we deem appropriate an invitation to join our 3 month program. We are specialised and will only take your money if we feel we are the very best fit for you and your dog. We support our clients over the long term and refuse to throw our clients into the fire by starting them off in a high school gym with 20 other reactive dogs.

Our Program consists of a complete assessment of your dog, written reports and recommendations, private training sessions (some of which require two of our trainers), assessment of your dog around around different size and breeds of dog, safe socialisation with dogs of good natures, group classes, training out in the real world in different environments.

The initial behavioural modification assessment and written report is $325.00

The remainder cost to enter the 3 month program is $????. Payment plans are available.

To book your initial assessment contact for further information.