Dog on dog aggression / human aggressive dogs

Dog aggression is an extremely complex behavioural issue and in some instances requires a lot of time, patience and expertise to rectify.

At Gold Coast Dog Trainer we have had lots of experience with dog on dog aggression and human aggressive dogs. Some cases have been resolved as quickly as in 3 days where previously dog aggressive dogs, have been able to run around with other dogs at the dog park with no issues. Other cases can be a lot more complex where it cannot be solved completely and you may never be able to trust your dog around other dogs/people. 

A lot of ground work must be put in teaching an aggressive dog obedience, impulse control and firm commands before it even meets another dog.

In these instances a board and train is always recommend. A minimum of Level 1 (6 Days) is required to accurately assess and monitor an aggressive dog to determine possible time frames in rectifying the behaviour.

Consultations are required for any form of dog aggression. Programs for this behavioural issue start at $200.00 per 24 hour period.

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