Basic Dog Boarding

Our dog boarding service is truely  the Whitsunday's of dog boarding! Unlike a boarding kennel your dog is not shut in a 'luxury' room and put out in a pen with other dogs for 20 minutes a day. Placed with one of our trainers in their home your dog is free to interact with our pets, friends and family. This is a complete home environment where we maintain your standards, if you let your dog inside then so do we (We have even allowed some dogs sleeping on our beds!).

 We will take your dog out on our socialisation walks and out with our existing dog walking clients.  We only accept a maximum of two dogs for boarding at any one time so you can be sure that your dog will be well cared for. We accept puppy's through to golden oldies and we do not charge extra fee's for administering medication, feeding your own food, pats and cuddles, maintaining existing commands, taking them swimming, pack walks at the beach - this is all included in our price. You will often find your dog will actually come back better behaved as we can't help but throw in a little bit of training, but don't be surprised if they are even a little subdued when they get back - a bit like us humans when we return from a holiday.

We will keep you updated with photo's and you can even check our social media to see what your pet has been up to whilst with us. 

Take a look at other boarding options then come back here because you know your pet will be in the best hands and have the most enjoyable, least stressful time away from you. 

Our Prices:

Off Peak $59.00 + GST

On Peak $69.00 + GST

*Discounts apply to our existing customers who have completed any private training program or board and train program.

*New customers must have a one day & night trial period prior to making any longer term booking.