Cat training

We also offer training for cats. We have taught cats to sit, drop, hi-five, play dead, come when called. Cats are much more difficult to train than dogs and results cannot be guaranteed for every cat. Your cat will be assessd and an honest opinion given as to whether it has the potential to be trained to do tricks.

Of course, cat training can be more than just tricks.  Just as some dogs need behaviour modification, so do some cats. Here are just some cat behaviour problems where cat training can be very practical:

Litter Box Training.  This is a natural behaviour, provided cats are introduced to it early. If shown the cat litter tray, how to get in and out, and rewarded by positive reinforcement, this training can be easy - but if you need help please call us.  Occasionally, cats will stop using the litter tray - very often, cleaning it up and freshening will fix the issue - cats are very picky!  While cat training to use a human toilet is possible, we strongly recommend against it as it goes against many of your cat's natural instincts, ie, covering up the mess.  It is a cute party trick for you, but not for your cat - give it a break and let do what comes naturally with a cat litter tray.

Your cat scratching furniture is a problem for you, but a natural behaviour for a cat; its what they did in the wild before we domesticated them.  So resist the urge to stop cats scratching your furniture; instead buy them a scratching post and employ your cat training time teaching them WHERE to scratch, followed by positive reinforcement.


Consultation $50.00

Cat training - $130.00

Want to know more about Cat Training? Check out Wikipedia here.

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