Group Basic Obedience Class

Much like people, every dog is different. Some are hyperactive, some are laid-back, some are serious, others are silly. Some are shy, and yet others have too much confidence. Regardless of these differences, training is necessary for all dogs and beneficial to your entire family. Our basic obedience class curriculum, has been compiled and put together from the input and extensive experience from our team and their background in professional dog training. All of our senior team members are from a Police Dog Handler and Training background, coming together to give you the very best knowledge in dog obedience and training.

Group Class


Aimed at training you to train your dog. This course is for dogs that are fully vaccinated from puppy to adult. It emphasizes the essential training commands such as walking on a loose leash, sit, drop, stay and recall. We go through stop jumping exercises, leave it command, on your bed, focus exercises and we train in a fun and safe, enclosed environment. If your dog already knows the basics, the other dogs and handlers act as great distractions if you need to move to the next level of training with your dog. We even train you how to progess when you go home and class has finished. Yes theres homework!

Group Class


Our training will:

- Help correct nuisance behaviours such as, pulling on the lead,  jumping up and not listening to commands.

- Give you the tools and training to ensure a well mannered and obedient dog.

- Safe socialisation (This course is not designed for dogs with any form of aggression issues)

- Will provide mental stimulation for your dog and physical activity.

- Increase the enjoyment and relationship with your dog and deepen your bond.

- Ensure your dog’s safety and happiness.

- Work around distractions in a fun, safe environment.


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Group Class




Dogs, by nature, are pack animals with a well-defined social order. Your new dog will look to you for guidance where leadership can be established in a firm but friendly manner. Without teaching your dog boundaries and rules, many behavioural issues can occur. We aim to address potential behavioural problems before they occur and how to rectify existing issues you may be having.




Basic Dog Obedience Training -

Session 1: 08.00 am - 09.00 am Saturday's.

Session 2: 09.00 am - 10.00 am Saturday’s

3 - week course (1 session per week) 

Broadbeach State Primary Dates:

29/06/19 - 13/07/19 consecutively (Dependant on weather)

03/08/19 - 03/08/19 consecutively (Dependant on weather)



Basic Obedience (3 sessions)   $ 149.00


Broadbeach State School | Independent Public School

1-19 Alexandra Avenue| Broadbeach | Qld 4218



 All bookings are required to be paid for in cash only upon commencement of your first class. Please note there will be no card facility on site.


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Puppy Pre-School Group Classes: 8-16 weeks old

Our 3 week comprehensive puppy pre-school has been carefully designed with the emphasis to take you through all of the obedience basics, prevent common behaviour problems, solve any existing problems and to help you produce well mannered and sociable young dogs.

Puppies will be allowed to play in carefully controlled groups to ensure they learn good manners around other puppies, do not get scared, and do not learn to play rough or aggressively. We teach owners and their puppy how to work as a team, focusing on life skills which can be incorporated into daily life, so time spent training your puppy is reduced. We give you the training to ensure you have a balanced foundation for life.

This course is designed for puppies during their rapid learning stage of 8 - 16 weeks of age. Puppies can only attend if they have received their first vaccination at 6-8 weeks of age, but must be no older than 16 weeks. This course caters for all breeds from Chihuahua to German Shepherd, the environment we create is very safe for nervous dogs and we will not allow the more boisterous dogs to bully or frighten the more sensitive characters in our class. 

Course Information

3 x 1 hour sessions run over 3 consecutive weeks at a Broadbeach Location.

The cost of this course is $69.00 payable in advance. We cannot accept any booking without payment.

To view availability and book your course click on the Book Now tab below.

The numbers on each course are strictly limited to allow for as much individual attention and help as possible.


Puppy Pre-School  -  8.00 am to 9.00 am Saturdays

3 - week course (1 session per week)

Dates: TBA