Our highly trained protection dogs will protect you, your home and family.

We select only the very best working dogs from the most reliable sources, and we rigorously test each dog's suitability before it enters our training program. We take only the very best dogs, and continually assess each dogs performance throughout an intensive training course carried out by experienced, professional protection dog trainers. The ones that meet our high standards emerge as balanced, sociable, confident dogs with the capability and commitment to fearlessly defend those they protect from any threat or attack.

We have trained K9 Protectors for families and individuals from all walks of life, both here in Australia, UK, Asia- Pacific regions and for security forces in Papua New Guinea. With over 30 years cumulative experience in Police Dog training and handling, we believe our expertise and knowledge is second to none.

All members of the Gold Coast Dog Trainer protection team have trained and handled dogs in threatening and violent situations. This skill set is used to produce the very best protection dogs available anywhere in Australia. Our senior training staff have experience in training police dogs in UK police services and have protected high profile VIP's including the Queen and Royal Family, the current UK Prime Minister Teresa May, former Prime ministers and other high profile celebrities and sports persons. They have trained hundreds of large breed dogs to the UK home office strict standards and whilst the requirements of a protection dog are different to that of a police dog, when a dog defends its owner there is little difference.


Family Protection dogs should be balanced and highly trained. At Gold Coast Dog Trainer all of our candidates are specially selected for their heritage, health and sociability. Your protection dog should be confident and sociable and yet when called upon to defend they should be fearless and formidable.

Our course is designed to test the candidate in every environment they may be called upon to defend in. We know that should the worst ever happen our protectors are more than capable of resolving any conflict. There can be no greater peace of mind than knowing the newest member of your family will put themselves in harms way to defend you and your family.

We harness a German Shepherd's natural drives and promote them through positive training methods to produce the very best protection dogs available in Australia. All of our dogs have direct experience of family life, being social around children and knowing the various sounds of family life. If a dog lives in a kennel for the majority of it's life how do you know how it will react when a child screams ? Or decides to pat it with too much enthusiasm ?. The simple answer is you don't know unless you test it.

All of our senior training staff have trained police dogs to the exacting standards required. Jamie maintains licensing in security dog handling and management and is an accredited trainer and assessor. This experience is second to none and therefore our training methods reflect our experience in producing the best protection dogs in Australia.

We also offer maintenance training to ensure that your protection dog remains the very best it can be throughout its working life.

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