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Do you answer YES to any of the following?

Does YOUR dog... 

Pull you down the street on walks?

Ignore commands?

Embarrass you by not coming when called?

Jump all over you and your guests when you get home?

Dig holes in the yard?

Gold Coast Dog Trainer will be able to turn your naughty dog into a nice dog!



We are dedicated to helping you enhance your relationship with your dog, whether that be through training or walking your dog. By using clear communication and good leadership you can have the dog you have always dreamed of.... a dog so obedient you are complimented at the dog park or beach!

There is no such thing as ‘an old dog can’t learn new tricks’ or a ‘stupid dog’. Sometimes it’s just a matter of understanding and communication. Your dog is always trying to understand you and the reasons why you do the things you do. Your dog is constantly trying to figure you out. Dogs are not vindictive, when your dog digs up the yard or trashes your house whilst you were out, the dog certainly did not do it as revenge for you leaving it, or to get back at you. Whilst dogs do share human emotions such as happiness, sadness, love and fear, dogs and people think very differently.

Our consulting services for problem dogs are often used or referred by other dog training businesses on the Gold Coast and Brisbane to rectify behavioural issues that they have been unable to solve themselves. 


The trainers at Gold Coast Dog Trainer know how to "speak dog" and we want to help you to bridge that gap!


We understand that every dog and its owner are different, have different needs and learn at a different pace therefore we can tailor a training program that is suited to you and your dog, addressing the issues that you are concerned about (not a "one size fits all" approach). From Board and Train programs at Emma's sizeable Broadbeach Waters address to one on one private lessons there is an option to suit your needs. 

You will be given a homework document that covers what you have been taught in training sessions with a quick recap of ‘how to’.

You will have email/text/phone help and support for your dog.

Please see our training services for more in depth information.


Gold Coast Dog Trainer is the specialist K9 division in all types of protection training. We specialise in delivering high quality K9 management and dog and handler training services. Our network provides the best trainers that are able to deliver and customise training to meet specific requirements on an international level. From private security companies requiring handler courses to home protection dogs. 

Protection Training

We have trained K9 Protectors for families and individuals from all walks of life, both here in Australia, UK, Asia- Pacific regions and for security forces in Papua New Guinea. With over 30 years cumulative experience in Police Dog training and handling, we believe our expertise and knowledge is second to none.

All of our senior training staff have trained police dogs to the exacting standards required. Jamie maintains licensing in security dog handling and management and is an accredited trainer and assessor. Emma in her capacity as a Police Dog Handler in the UK has escorted the Queen, members of the Royal family, Prime Ministers and other high profile celebrities and sports personalities. This experience is second to none and therefore our training methods reflect our experience in producing the best protection dogs in Australia.

Please see our Protection Dog Training page for further details
Gold Coast Dog Trainer can also offer training for cats, horses and other animals predominantly for the television and film industry.

We have taught cats to sit, drop, shake, hi-five, play dead & come when called. We have a data base of animals trained and ready to be used for commercials and films. From protection dogs for bite and man work to cats that can sit, drop, stay, we can cater for any of your requirements. Films that we have been involved in include Pirates of the Caribbean, Flipper 3, The Reckoning, The Fury Within and the Wateries.