Jamie Davies has specialised in the training of security & law enforcement K9 Units for over 20 years providing specialised training services for organisations internationally in the selection, training, development and implementation of service patrol, tactical and security dogs. Jamie has managed and developed some of the largest security dog operations and trained hundreds of working dogs and handlers throughout the Australia & Asia-Pacific regions which has included in country training and development of security forces within Papua New Guinea regions. 

Jamie’s formal qualification was awarded from Queensland Corrective Services Dog Squad with further certification achieved in the United States in law enforcement dog training. He is involved with the further training in the working dog sport of Schutzhund/IPO.  Jamie has attended training seminars internationally and has trained with some of the world’s best trainers for both sporting and law enforcement canines.

Jamie’s experience has also consisted of the training and handling of animals for numerous major film productions including Flipper 3, The Reckoning, The Fury Within, Feeling Sexy, and the Wateries.

Jamie maintains licensing in security dog handling and management and is an accredited trainer & assessor. He further developed and instructs the nationally accredited dog handler units of the Certificate III in Security issued by various registered training organisations for security licensing requirements.

Jamie is regarded as one of the most experienced and professional security and law enforcement canine agitation decoys in the country and his services in this area have been utilised by various government dog squad agencies including Queensland Corrective Services & Australian Federal Police.