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Your Best Friend At Your BIG Day!

Our Wedding Pet Attendant Service

How do you include your dog in your wedding? If you’re planning a wedding and you are a proud dog owner, we’re sure that you can’t have failed to notice that #dogsatweddings is now an actual ‘thing’!

Gold Coast Dog Trainer strongly believe that dogs are a real part of the family and as such, it is only natural that you would want to include your dog in your wedding day. However, picture perfect social media images don’t always tell the full story and having your pet attend your big day can be full of potential problems. We are proud to offer our Pet Wedding Attendant Service to take all the hassle and headaches out of having your hound around on your special day.

Wedding day dog care can be problematic as the friends and family you would usually call upon to help out with your four legged best friend, will often all be attending the wedding themselves. While we primarily bring your pet to the wedding, we can bring your furry friend for a variety of events, such as proposals, engagement parties, photoshoots, or rehearsals. 

lanning and keeping your surprise guest a secret is free, but reservations are needed to guarantee fun & care for your furry friend! 

Do you require a photographer or a videographer for your wedding? We can put you in touch too!

Request a quote on the form below now!

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Start to think about how you would like to incorporate your pet(s) into your day. Think about the timeline - what time we should arrive and how long we should stay. Will your pet(s) be there for the first look? Part of the ceremony? If you don't know exactly what you want, that's ok too! We can talk about what plans you have in place already and what other pet parents really enjoyed.  This is a great time to schedule a free phone consult


Step 1: Request a Quote

Fill out the form at the form below and once we have your details, we will send you a formal estimate for you to review. Each quote is tailored to the couple, the pet(s), and their needs.


Step 3: Complete your Reservation & Pay Deposit

To reserve your date and sitter, we require a deposit. The deposit will guarantee that we're available for your date, and prevent it from being reserved by someone else. It will also allow us to make the “Pawfect” plans for you and your fur baby!

ften your final timeline may not yet be locked in and some details may change between the date you book with us and your wedding day. Rest assured, we will discuss any potential changes during the final call, and we will adjust the timeline and invoice at that time.

To reserve the date, just reply to email you received with your quote, and we will send you the details for making the initial payment.

Please note, we do book up quickly, especially during wedding season. Since we can’t guarantee a spot until the deposit has been submitted, the sooner you lock us in, the sooner we can ensure pet will be part of your special day.


Step 4: Complete the Details Form & Schedule Finals Call

Once we receive the confirmation, we will send you a Details form to fill out. If you don't know all the details at this stage, its ok - we will finalize them in the next step. 


Step 5: Schedule your Finals Call & Complete Your Final Payment

This phone call takes place about 1-2 weeks before your event date. This helps to ensure we all have all the correct information and finalize all the last minute fine details. After the finals call, we'll send you the final invoice. We ask that you pay it before your wedding day so we don't have to chase you around during your cocktail hour :) 


Step 6: Enjoy your day!

Enjoy your day worry free knowing your furry friend will be there right by your side!


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