Polished Puppy Training Program

8 x Weekly 1:1 Sessions

Do you want a puppy to be proud of? One who sits, stays and comes when called under distractions? This eight hour program over 8 weeks will cover everything you need to set the foundations with your new puppy. This is hands on and will give you tons of information to help get over those pesky behaviours that puppies usually exhibit in the first few months. Typical “puppy” behaviour like chewing, peeing in the house, walking nicely on a leash, sit, food manners and the “place” command will all be addressed during this programme. By learning these valuable training tools and practicing them long after the session is over you will help prevent any future bad manners in these areas. With a good training foundation your puppy will grow up to be a well-mannered good canine that is a joy to be around.

Once the foundation has been set we then move on to include teaching tricks and more advanced commands such as sit-stays and down stays all under distractions. Once your puppy has completed their course of injections and is free for his/her first outing we accompany you with a well-balanced/well behaved dog. This sets your puppy up for success and builds vital confidence on its first outing.

Topics covered include:

What to feed your dog, building a bond with your dog, effective Equipment (Lead, collar, harness, halti). How to communicate effectively with your dog, understanding your dog and how he thinks, focus training exercises/games. Basic commands including sit, down, stay, leave it, place and come. Walking on a loose lead, recall, potty training, Chewing/Jumping up/Counter Surfing. Your puppy’s first visit to the park, first safe socialisation with a trained balanced dog. Tricks including, shake, roll over, hi-five, sit pretty, find it and more.

Training Program Investment:

Your Location: $1199.00 + GST

Our Location: $799.00 + GST

* There is a charge per additional puppy for the Pleasant Puppy Program. There may be an additional travel charge based on your location.

* Additional charge of $29.00 for extra dog and handler. Maximum of 2 dogs and 2 handlers per session. Each dog must have its own handler.