Ross is a Gold Coast Local and has worked as a Security Dog Handler for over six years on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. His role includes patrolling the railways, pubs, clubs and major events with one of his four protection trained security dogs. Ross has trained all of his own dogs and works closely with Jamie in all aspects of protection training. 

Ross has a keen interest in Mondio ring and IPO Dog sport, an internationally recognised sporting activity for dogs, with all major dog associations over the world. IPO tests physical traits such as strength, endurance, agility and scenting ability. Ross currently trains with his own dogs whilst also training as a helper in this discipline. He has trained his dogs to an extremely high standard in obedience, tracking ability and protection training 

Ross also studies dog psychology and attends seminars from trainers around the world, to not only enable him to train dogs more effectively, but to have a vaster understanding on how dogs think. This ensures that he is able to help owners build a better relationship between them and their dog.

Ross has a natural affinity with dogs and is able to able to teach, rectify and correct anything from basic obedience through to complex behavioural issues such as aggression. Ross is available on the Gold Coast for Private lessons and all of our Board and Train Programs.